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About the Center

The NGO Expert Center was created using the standards and methodology of the International Academy of Business (IAB) along with the “Civil Sector Capacity Building Initiative in Kazakhstan” project’s framework, and through the support of the Chevron Corporation in Kazakhstan. The programs and goals of the NGO Expert Center are based on the results of the needs assessment, which was conducted by experts in March and April 2012.

The purpose of the Expert Center is to strengthen the capacity of the private sector for provision of a higher quality of service and protection of the interests of the entire population of Kazakhstan. The main goals of the Center are aimed at:

- Collection, adaptation and creation of materials related to increase NGO institutional development.

- Provision of trainings and consultations on topics such as organizational development and project management of non-governmental organizations given to clients of the Center including NGO employees, experts, representatives of international organizations, public institutions, and business structures.

- Providing access to learning materials by the use of Center’s website in the both Russian and state languages.

In 2012 the Center focused on training leaders, representatives, and consultants in the NGO field. It is projected that by January 2013 the NGO Expert Center will become a dynamic developing source of information and knowledge of institutional NGO development. Services will be sought by both NGO representatives as well as by representatives of other parties.

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